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The 2006 ISTSS Lifetime Achievement Award was granted to Louis Crocq, MD, PhD, an international pioneer in the traumatic stress field who has devoted a lifetime of work to understanding and treating the traumatic effects of war. The Lifetime Achievement Award is ISTSS’s highest honor, and is presented to an individual who has made great lifetime contributions to the field of traumatic stress studies.

                   Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Louis Crocq and then-ISTSS President Dean Kilpatrick

Dr. Crocq is a military psychiatrist (retired) in the French Army, with the rank of MĂ©decin GĂ©nĂ©ral (Reserve Corps). He also teaches as an Honorary Associate Professor at the University RenĂ© Descartes (Paris), and serves as honoray psychiatric expert at the Cour d’Appel de Paris, the largest court of appeals in France.

As part of his duties as military psychiatrist, Dr. Crocq worked in Algeria during the Algerian War from 1954-1959, in military hospitals throughout France, and in Army research centers from 1970-1985.

Dr. Crocq has been a member of ISTSS since 1991, and is the founding president of Association de Langue Francaise pour l'Etude du Stress et du Traumatisme (ALFEST), the oldest ISTSS affiliate. In addition, he served as president of the Military Section of the World Psychiatry Association in 1989, and president of the Association de Psychiatrie et Neurologie de Langue Française in 1990.

In 1995, he was asked by French President Jacques Chirac to create the National Network of Medico-Psychological Emergency Cells, a  French nationwide network for trauma counselling, in the wake of GIA terrorist attacks in Paris. The network is made up of psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses, offering early medical and psychological assistance to victims at natural and terrorist disaster sites.

He has written more than 200 papers on stress and trauma, war neuroses and disaster psychiatry, including the best-selling book, “Les Traumatismes Psychiques de Guerre.”

Dr. Crocq has performed work for NATO and UNICEF. He also served as scientific coordinator of the Euromediterranean Network Child Trauma Network, providing psychological support to children traumatized by violence in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon.

Also a renowned specialist on the historical aspect of psychological trauma in ancient times, Greek mythology and considered a living encyclopedia on the subject of war trauma, Dr. Crocq is one of the leading authorities in the French-speaking portion of the traumatic stress field.

He continues to be an active leader in the field, and his accomplishments, awards and lifetime of service make him truly deserving of ISTSS’s highest honor. Read an excerpt of Dr. Crocq’s acceptance speech at the 22nd Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.