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ISTSS headquarters receives many inquiries from people seeking therapists. Until recently there was no formal policy about how to respond to these requests. This year, ISTSS and the Sidran Institute have reached an agreement that will benefit ISTSS members, Sidran and people seeking therapists.

As ISTSS members fill out their 2003 membership renewal forms, they have the option of checking a box that indicates whether they want to release their contact information to individuals seeking a therapist. ISTSS is compiling a list of names from the members who check the “yes” box on the membership renewal forms to provide to Sidran. Sidran then will ask members to provide additional information about their practice and will use this to make targeted, trauma-experienced therapist information available to the thousands of people who call them each year. ISTSS will not give individual referrals, but will direct people to Sidran when they call to ask for a list of therapists.

The Sidran Institute—a nationally focused nonprofit organization—is the nation’s leading provider of traumatic stress education, publications and resources. Sidran’s services include training for clinicians, information for trauma survivors and the general public, consultation to public and private agencies and policy advocacy. Sidran also is a leading publisher of books about traumatic stress, including many titles authored by ISTSS members.

Last year Sidran received 3,700 calls, many seeking names of therapists. For more information about Sidran, visit the Sidran Web site at www.sidran.org. If you would like to sign up directly with Sidran to have your name placed in Sidran’s trauma-informed therapist databank, go to the Sidran Web site at www.sidran.org/resourcepro.html.