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This year’s National Depression Screening Day (NDSD)—held October 9 and co-sponsored by ISTSS—offers a concise questionnaire that screens patients for a range of disorders in an effort to bolster resiliency during trying times. In addition to screening for depression, posttraumatic stress, generalized anxiety and bipolar disorder, material now includes information on managing stress and recognizing the physical symptoms that coincide with mental health disorders. NDSD’s multifaceted approach provides solutions for the more than 54 million Americans, and their communities, affected by mental disorders.

Clinicians interested in conducting an NDSD program can receive continuing education credits for completing a complementary self-education component. For details, visit www.mental healthscreening.org.

This year’s program promotes mental wellness and the ability to bounce back by ensuring that those who are ill or at-risk become healthy and productive. Studies show that people with medical illnesses have better outcomes when treated for co-occurring mental health disorders.

Registered sites receive an Event Planning Guide that includes tips on program implementation and sample publicity material. Also included in the kit are screening forms with scoring instructions and referral guidelines, diagnostic aids, clinician’s guide, videos, posters and educational material for diverse audiences, including older adults and Spanish speakers.

Last year, screenings took place at roughly 6,000 sites nationwide, including hospitals, mental health clinics, colleges, primary care offices, facilities for older adults, community centers and supermarkets. For registration information, call 781/239-0071 or visit www.mentalhealthscreening.org.