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Created in 2013, the Global Meetings Committee focuses on holding meetings outside of the U.S. to sstrengthen global relationships, a component of ISTSS’s Strategic Plan.

By holding ISTSS meetings outside the U.S., the Global Meetings Committee aims to:

  • Disseminate and exchange evidence-based knowledge throughout the world
  • Increase the global profile of ISTSS
  • Develop strong global collaborations within the traumatic stress field
  • Develop capacity to deliver evidence-based interventions practice across the world
  • Facilitate the transformation of ISTSS into a truly global organization

Four different types of meeting have been identified:

Preparatory Meetings – To be held in areas without an STSS or with a developing STSS. Preparatory meetings typically involve an ISTSS speaker giving a lecture or presenting a workshop within another meeting. These meetings help ISTSS begin building a relationship with other organizations involved in the field of traumatic stress. They also help create awareness of ISTSS, while participating in the development of a local STSS.

Half- or one-day ISTSS PMIs – Held in collaboration with an affiliate society.

One- or two-day ISTSS Meetings – Held anywhere in the world, but undertaken in close collaboration with local STSS. A local organization committee will primarily organize these meetings along with an ISTSS co-chair and ISTSS speakers.

2-3 day ISTSS Conferences – Held in places not covered by well established regional STSS organizations. If a less established local STSS exists, it should also be closely collaborated with.

Committee Members

The committee has representation from across the world. Current members are: Megan Berthold (USA); Jon Bisson (UK, Chair); Doug Brewer (Australia); Grete Dyb (Norway); Julian Ford (USA); Yoshiharu Kim (Japan);Gladys Mwiti (Kenya);

Carolina Salgado (Chile); Paula Schnurr (USA); Ulrich Schnyder (Switzerland); and Veronica Vitriol (Chile).

Recent Meetings

Six successful ISTSS Global Meetings were held in 2014: Hamburg, Germany; Nairobi, Kenya; Singapore; Hangzhou, China; Istanbul, Turkey; and Talca, Chile.

Eight meetings have been confirmed for 2015: Innsbruck, Austria; Utrecht, The Netherlands; Tokyo, Japan; Vilnius, Lithuania; Kyoto, Japan; Hong Kong; Nairobi, Kenya; and Australia.

A list of planned meetings, with more information about them, can be found here.

The committee is keen to develop more meetings, in collaboration with individuals from across the world who are interested in helping to achieve its aims. If you are interested in hosting a meeting, or would like to propose that a meeting is held in a particular part of the world, contact Jon Bisson, Chair of the ISTSS Global Meetings Committee.