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For the first time, voting for the ISTSS election will be conducted electronically. By having members vote online for the president-elect and eight board positions, ISTSS hopes to:

  • Increase voter turnout
  • Eliminate unclear ballots
  • Eliminate election controversies
  • Reduce staff time needed to manage elections
  • Reduce mailing, tabulating and ballot costs

How does it work?
Voting for the 2005 election will begin August 12 and close September 16. You will receive an e-mail from headquarters on or before August 12 with online voting instructions.

What stops someone from voting more than once?
After you are finished voting, you will have an opportunity to review your choices. Once you indicate that you are finished, you cannot get back to the ballot.

How does it prevent another from voting for me?
The voting system is accessed by using your own personal user ID and password. This information is private.

Will others be able to see how I voted?
No; others will not be able to view your voting choices.

What if I don’t have e-mail?
Prior to August 12, mail ballots will be distributed to members without e-mail addresses.

What if I have e-mail but I would rather not vote electronically?
If you prefer to vote by mail, contact Administrative Director Diane Rutherford at drutherford@istss.org; 847-480-9028, ext. 245; or Diane Rutherford, ISTSS, 60 Revere Drive, Suite 500, Northbrook, IL 60062 USA. You must make the request prior to August 12 to allow for mailing time. Remember: Your vote must be received by September 16.

May I fax my vote?
Only non-North American members may fax their vote if they cannot vote online.

Watch for details about the new electronic balloting. Election results will be announced in November.