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Just one day after the September 11 terrorist attacks in United States, ISTSS put together an ambitious plan to allow members to use their resources and skills in response to the tragedy. The centerpiece of the program was the rapid creation of a Web site to distribute information and resources, focusing on three groups: professionals and caretakers; the media; and the public.

The site includes:

  • Pamphlets, fact sheets and other forms of trauma-related literature
  • Mental health facilities and emergency and disaster-related services
  • List of organizations accepting blood donations or money
  • Organizations where medical and mental health professionals can offer their assistance
  • Discussion bulletin boards for professionals who wish to share their experience as service providers following the attacks and for others who are dealing with loss and the trauma of rescue work

After September 11, the average ISTSS Web site visit per day increased from 1,361 to 4,575, and pages viewed jumped from 8,180 to 34,179.

Other actions of response made by ISTSS include the following:

  • Distributed two press releases through PR Newswire to the national media and mental health media, providing information about trauma and publicizing ISTSS Web resources
  • Sent broadcast e-mail to ISTSS members with information about volunteering and about the society's response efforts
  • Coordinated local efforts through the New York Chapter
  • Added related programs to annual meeting in New Orleans
  • Coordinated with others to compile and distribute a CD containing treatment manuals, fact sheets and articles on trauma treatment
  • Responded to media regarding trauma-related questions

Going forward, a number of new programs are being developed, and ISTSS will continue to update the Web, serving as a resource for professionals, consumers and the media.