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ISTSS presented a symposium at the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA) conference held in Atlanta, Ga., April 24, 2001. The symposium was sponsored by the PTSD Alliance and highlighted some of the exciting research performed by ISTSS members.

The symposium focused on recent developments on the neurobiology of acute trauma and its relation to predictions of PTSD. Presenting his data on neuroanatomy and psychophysiology was Roger Pitman, MD, of Harvard University. Arieh Shalev, MD, of Hadassah University, presented his recent data of prospective biologic studies in the aftermath of civilian trauma. Rachel Yehuda, PhD, of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, presented some of her group's recent work on biologic risk factors for PTSD.

The PTSD Alliance similarly supports an ADAA symposium at the ISTSS annual conference. This year, the symposium will feature Sally Winston, PsyD. For more information about the PTSD Alliance and other sponsored programs, contact PTSD Alliance delegates Rachel Yehuda at Rachel.Yehuda@med.va.gov or Edna Foa at foa@mail.med.upenn.edu.