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The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) strongly condemns all acts of hate-based violence and terrorism such as the horrific mass violence perpetrated against innocent victims in two Mosques in New Zealand, and sends a deeply felt message of compassion to all of the affected families, members of the Muslim community, and the nation. As professionals dedicated to preventing and healing such catastrophic traumas, ISTSS stands with all who are working to protect every community and all groups from hate-based violence and who assist survivors and affected families and communities to grieve their tragic losses and recover from the terrible physical and psychological wounds. ISTSS fully agrees with the Prime Minister of New Zealand’s statement that such acts of hate-based violence “have no place in this world.”
ISTSS will soon be releasing a comprehensive briefing paper addressing hate-based violence which has been under development for more than a year. We sincerely hope that this, and other efforts to understand and prevent such violence, will hasten the end of hate-based violence and provide support and hope for those who have been impacted.
If you or those you care for have been affected directly or indirectly by these or other traumatic events, here are some resources from ISTSS that we hope will be helpful:

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