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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health and the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, has established an initiative to support scientific and technological research that addresses Grand Challenges in Global Health.

The Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative asked for participation of the global scientific community in identifying "grand challenges" for scientific exploration that will ultimately increase research attention to the most critical health problems in the developing world, with a focus on scientific and technological research challenges in health.
The primary intention of the initiative is to stimulate research that will produce solutions to the identified Grand Challenges in Global Health. Funding will be provided for attempts to solve those problems.

A scientific review board will select 10 to 15 of the most compelling ideas submitted to the initiative this fall, and solicitations for research grant proposals to address them will follow.

ISTSS met the July 20 submission deadline, and President Onno van der Hart, with the help of Sandy Bloom, Mary Ann Dutton, Stacey Kaltman, Stuart Turner and Paula Schnurr, submitted the society's ideas to the initiative.

To view the initiative's Call for Ideas, visit http://www.grandchallengesgh.org.

Read the ISTSS submission online at http://www.istss.org/resources/Gates_Proposal.htm.