🚧 Website Maintenance in Progress: Thank you for visiting! We are currently in the process of enhancing our website to serve you better. Please check back soon for our new and improved website.

ISTSS’s Web site received a fresh makeover in November. ISTSS staff, under direction from ISTSS Web editor, Beth Hudnall Stamm, created a clean design with new background colors and an easy-to-read font. Navigation is improved with easy access to any location.

In November, the ISTSS Web site received more than 10,000 unique visitors—a 28 percent increase from August, when the site received 7,150 unique visitors.

Check out the Web site’s new features:

  • Fast loading: To enhance speed, the site is intentionally free of heavy graphics.
  • Accessibility: ISTSS continues its efforts to make its Web site user-friendly for people with disabilities.
  • Site map: An electronic table of contents gives you a quick glance at the entire Web site.
  • Search engine: You now can search for any html file on the site by keyword.
  • Drop-down menus: Subtopics drop down from links on the home page navigation bar—just place your cursor on the topic.
  • News highlights section: The latest news headlines on the Web’s front page will link to important and timely announcements and articles.
  • SIGs link: The special interest groups have visibility with a separate link in the navigation bar.

Visit the ISTSS Web site and find valuable information—easier than ever.