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Kluwer Academic Publishers, publisher of ISTSS's Journal of Traumatic Stress and other scientific material, announced its participation in the World Health Organization's Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative. The initiative is an aspect of the Health InterNetwork project, which aims to strengthen public health services by providing public health workers, researchers and policy-makers access to relevant, timely health information through an Internet portal.

Through this initiative, many worldwide scientific publishers offer online access to medical and related sciences journals for developing countries at a significantly reduced rate, and qualifying countries have free access.

JTS will be one of Kluwer's publications offered. "Kluwer is honored to work in close harmony with the World Health Organization…to further the worldwide dissemination of scientific information," Peter Hendriks, president of Kluwer Academic Publishers, said.
The Health InterNetwork was created to bridge the "digital divide" in health, ensuring that relevant information--and the technologies to deliver it--are widely available and effectively used by health personnel.

For more information about WHO's Health InterNetwork, visit www.healthinternetwork.org.