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As part of the society’s welcome to those attending the annual meeting for the first time, orientation meetings will be held at the beginning of the ISTSS 21st Annual Meeting in Toronto. The goals of these meetings are to help new attendees understand how the annual meeting and ISTSS work, to provide guidance on identifying presentations of interest to the individual, and to help attendees navigate the final program and the meeting. This orientation will be provided in English, Spanish and French on Thursday, November 3, 1:40 p.m.–2:20 p.m. The English session will be held in Pier 4; the Spanish session will be held in Pier 2 and Pier 3; and the French session will be held in Pier 5. All of these rooms are located on the Convention Level of the hotel.

In addition, meeting mentors—designated experienced members of ISTSS—are available for questions and comments regarding any aspect of the conference and the organization. This year, meeting mentors were assigned to those who pre-registered for mentoring. Those attendees will meet briefly with their assigned mentors at the end of the Orientation Meetings for First-Time Attendees. First-time attendees are encouraged to attend the orientation meetings to enrich their annual meeting experience.