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Aging, Trauma and the Life Course SIG

The Aging, Trauma, and the Life Course special interest group aims to appeal to researchers, clinicians, and policymakers from all disciplines who study trauma and aging or work with older trauma survivors (combat veterans or other survivors of war; Holocaust survivors; sexual trauma survivors; etc.), and who are interested in the unique ways in which trauma experienced at various points across the life course interacts with developmental factors to influence health and well-being. We aim to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and communication among researchers, clinicians, policymakers and other professionals who are concerned with the impact that trauma has throughout the aging process, and to help disseminate knowledge regarding trauma and aging.


Brian N. Smith, PhD 
National Center for PTSD, Women's Health Sciences Division
VA Boston Healthcare System (116B-3)

Anica Pless Kaiser
VA Boston Healthcare System

Student Co-Chair

Ida Haghighi, M.A.

Alliant International University

Aging, Trauma and the Life Course SIG Listserv Address

Members of the Aging, Trauma and the Life Course SIG can use the SIG listserv to share information with the full SIG.