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Complex Trauma SIG

The Complex Trauma SIG seeks to bring together diverse perspectives from researchers, clinicians, social and public health providers, advocates, and those with lived experience of complex traumatic stress. Complex traumatic stress is caused by prolonged relational trauma, often during a formative developmental period but also in adulthood, that results in an array of harms to psychological and physical health. We seek to galvanize SIG members and other organizations to participate in projects that increase a global understanding of complex trauma as stressors as well as the sequalae of the associated complex symptoms. We strive to foster advocacy and organize for improvements in research, diagnosis, treatment, services and life outcomes for individuals impacted by complex trauma.


Krista Engle, PhD 
Greater Los Angeles VA Helathcare System
Sepulveda Ambelatory Care Center

Kayleigh N. Watters, PhD
Stanford University School of Medicine

Philip Katner, LMSW, CCTP
Well Psychotherapy, New Orleans LA

Student Co-Chair

Aubrie Munson
Arizona State University

Morgan McCowan 
Adler University

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