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Lifestyle Interventions for Traumatic Stress (LIFTS) SIG


The Lifestyle Interventions for Traumatic Stress (LIFTS) Special Interest Group is committed to the advancement and promotion of lifestyle intervention research within the context of psychological trauma. Research areas of interest include but are not limited to physical activity (e.g., sport and exercise), nutrition, mind-body interventions (e.g., yoga or tai chi), and smoking cessation in relation to physical and mental health (e.g., cardiometabolic disease, chronic pain, substance use, or PTSD). Furthering our understanding of the impact of these modifiable lifestyle factors on the physical and mental health of traumatized individuals will better inform how these interventions are best applied in patient care (e.g., as a primary/adjunctive treatment, and in what setting). As a Special Interest Group, we aim to:

  1. Foster interest and awareness of lifestyle intervention research for trauma-exposed populations.
  2. Serve as an inclusive network for psychologists, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, nurses, physicians, policymakers and other multi-disciplinary stakeholders that removes barriers to inter-disciplinary organization, planning, and collaboration.
  3. Promote and disseminate high quality lifestyle intervention research, and to advocate for the inclusion of evidence-based lifestyle interventions in trauma-related treatment paradigms.

Read the LIFTS SIG Newsletter: Q2 2021


James Whitworth, PhD
Boston University School of Medicine

Grace McKeon, B.ExPhys
UNSW Sydney

Student Co-Chair

Camille Garnsey


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