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Sleep Disorders and Traumatic Stress SIG


The primary goal of the Sleep Disorders and Traumatic Stress SIG is to advance theory, research, assessment, and evidence-based treatments in traumatic stress and sleep disorders. We hold dissemination, networking, and collaboration as key to advancing science and clinical practice.


Sleep disturbances are a core feature of traumatic stress that influence onset, symptoms, and treatment outcomes in patients with traumatic stress. Advancing knowledge of sleep disorders in the context of trauma offers a unique and underutilized opportunity to advance clinical care and research.

Specific Aims:

  1. Encourage basic, clinical, translational, and implementation research efforts relevant to traumatic stress and sleep disorders via discussion and collaboration.
  2. Advance evidence-based clinical practice relevant to assessment and treatment of sleep disorders and trauma-related disorders.
  3. Support dissemination and implementation efforts for science relevant to sleep disorders and traumatic stress.


Peter Colvonen, PhD

VA San Diego Health Care System


Laura Straus, PhD

University of California, San Francisco

Student Co-Chairs 

Guadalupe Rivera, MA

Christopher McGrory


Sleep Disorders and Traumatic Stress SIG Listserv Address

Members of the Sleep Disorders and Traumatic Stress SIG can us the SIG listserv to share information with the full SIG.