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ISTSS encourages members to register for National Depression Screening Day (NDSD), the nationwide program—this year held October 7—that screens the public for a range of mood disorders in an effort to provide solutions for the 54 million Americans, and their communities, affected by mental health disorders.

New this year, NDSD sites also can register for Community Response, a flexible year-round tool that allows sites to screen patients and community members online via a password-protected, customized Web address. Community Response is an an easy-to-administer one-page form that screens for depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder and alcohol use. Sites that register for Community Response will receive a free kit of materials about depression, anxiety and alcohol.

Continuing education credits also are available to participating clinicians who hold an NDSD event and complete a brief self-education component.

In addition to the NDSD screening tool, this year’s NDSD Community Kit includes a new, expanded Clinician’s Guide; a range of educational materials including new information about anxiety and the physical symptoms of depression; videos and posters; and an Event Planning Guide with tips on planning and promoting an NDSD event. NDSD offers materials designed for diverse audiences, including Spanish speakers and older adults.

To download registration materials for NDSD or Community Response, visit www.mentalhealthscreening.org or call 781-239-0071.