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This is my last column as president of ISTSS, although the year is only two-thirds over and there is much left to accomplish. Committee chairs are working hard to finish their tasks for the year and prepare for the board meeting in December, and the annual conference is taking shape. Highlighted below is some ongoing work that is crucial to the society as the next year approaches.

We have made extensive changes in the structure of our Organizational Publications enterprise this year. To date, Elana Newman has served as both chair of the Organizational Publications Committee and the editor of StressPoints. However, over the past few months, we have added two people who will work with Elana. First, Ed Varra, formerly of the Traumatic Stress Institute in Connecticut, and co-chair of the Public Education Committee, has agreed to become editor-elect of StressPoints. He will work side-by-side with Elana until he takes over as editor next year. Beth Stamm, from Idaho State University, and former chair of the Research Methodology Interest Group, has filled a new position as Web site editor. She will coordinate Web site activities and services, supervising regular updates of material and services, with continued support from headquarters staff.

The additions to the Organizational Publications group will allow Elana to serve more of an advisory role or coordinator for StressPoints, the Web site, and other ISTSS committees that communicate with members and nonmembers-i.e., the Membership Committee, the Public Education Committee, and the Center for the Advancement of Health, to which we belong and are represented by Paula Schnurr.

As you know, the Web site now has a "members only" section that you may view by using your password. In addition, each Special Interest Group now has a Web site location where they can exchange ideas and plans. These services provide a vital communication function for the organization, allowing for material and services that in the past have been too expensive to provide. Furthermore, material can be updated easily. Many thanks to Elana for her huge contribution to these activities and for her ongoing stewardship of the Organizational Publications. We congratulate and welcome Ed and Beth and look forward to working with them.

We also are spending a great deal of time and energy in the society's international structure, where we have struggled for many years to develop a structure that truly is international. While the individual membership of the organization is primarily from North America, about 15 percent of members live outside the United States. Affiliate organizations-the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and the Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (the two largest)-have approximately 1,200 members; many, while not individual members of ISTSS, benefit from the links between the respective organizations. The challenge is structuring the international organization and the affiliation activities to promote networking and sharing across continents, while keeping the organization relevant and accessible to individual members in all corners of the world. We have a committee working on these structural issues. Changes will be carried out with collaboration of all organizations involved and with consideration of financial implications. Heading the committee are Matt Friedman and Merle Friedman. A special pre-meeting of the board is planned for the evening of December 4, to review the committee's options and suggestions, and this information will be shared at the business meeting in New Orleans.

We also continue to work on the Strategic Plan, which is critical to keeping the organization financially sound and otherwise healthy. It will serve as the template for our activities over the next several years. For more details about this, see page 9. I would like to thank Marti Buckely at ISTSS headquarters for the enormous effort he has put into this task, keeping all involved on target throughout the process.

We are well along the way to having a "final" version of the Policies and Procedures manual, due to the work of Eve Carlson and her team. These procedures increase efficiency and are extremely important for the continuity of the organization. Final changes will be complete soon, and the committee will recommend a process and timetable for keeping material up-to-date.

I am very excited about the program for the upcoming annual conference in December. There will be many fine oral presentations and posters, as well as displays and exhibits. We are pleased to have received excellent entries focused on our dual themes of community-based programs and underserved survivors. In addition to the scientific sessions and networking activities, we will announce the winners of the annual achievement awards. Thanks to Jos Weerts and his committee for their excellent work in reviewing nominations and selecting the awardees. I am pleased that the Complex Trauma Task Force, which I appointed at the beginning of the year, will be presenting an Invited Presidential Symposium on "The Scientific and Clinical Challenges of Complex Trauma."

Because this is my last column, I want to thank my executive committee, Susan Solomon, Onno van der Hart, Danny Kaloupek, John Fairbank and John Briere, for their incredible effort and support this year. I also want to thank Greg Schultz, executive director, and his team at headquarters for their work throughout the year. Headquarters provides the support for all society activities. It has been a pleasure working with the talented and committed individuals who make the society work and an honor serving as ISTSS president.