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Greg Schultz, executive director of ISTSS since 1994, and vice president and partner of the Sherwood Group, management company for ISTSS, has shifted his focus to concentrate on Sherwood's overall operations, including technology, marketing and strategy for the firm and its clients.

On January 1, Schultz stepped down from the position of ISTSS executive director. Succeeding Schultz in the position is Rick Koepke, MSW, who has a background in social services and community mental health and brings to the position nearly 20 years of experience with nonprofit organizations. Koepke joined Sherwood as an account executive in 1998, after serving as executive director for two specialty societies in the area of health care consumer advocacy and social work administration. Koepke is excited about the challenges that lie ahead: "I'm looking forward to the opportunity of working with ISTSS. I am honored to have a leadership role in this worthy organization and to support its members, who provide exemplary services to the world."

Schultz will remain connected to the society as Sherwood's consulting partner to ISTSS, and he will serve as ISTSS staff representative trustee on the board of the new Trauma Foundation. Schultz expresses his fondness for the society: "ISTSS is an incredible organization, and I am proud of what we have accomplished during the past eight years. I am looking forward to the challenge of helping Sherwood become a better resource for ISTSS and the societies headquartered here, using the experience I've gained with ISTSS."