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After an international search for an editor elect of the Journal of Traumatic Stress (JTS), the JTS Search Committee has appointed Paula Schnurr, PhD (ISTSS president elect), to the position.

Schnurr is editor of the PTSD Research Quarterly and deputy editor of JTS, and she reviews articles for various top-rate journals. From 1997-1999, she served as a member of the editorial board of Health Psychology. Most notably, Schnurr has helped JTS with creative development: In 1997, she suggested to JTS editor Dean Kilpatrick that the journal adopt a statistical review procedure. Kilpatrick invited Schnurr on the JTS editorial team, where she created the statistical review procedure that has enhanced the overall quality of the journal, and recently she has led the effort to use Web-based technology for journal management.

The National Center for PTSD, where Schnurr is deputy executive director, has offered its support for the editorial position. "The National Center for PTSD completely supports Paula's candidacy," the center's executive director Matthew Friedman says.

The editor elect serves for one year prior to assuming full duties as editor for a subsequent five years. Schnurr will assume duties as editor elect in January 2005, and her term as JTS editor will begin January 1, 2006, and run through December 31, 2010.