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ISTSS is a thriving, international, professional community of researchers and practitioners - professionals doing critically important work in the field of traumatic stress and on behalf of trauma survivors. Its goal to provide a unique forum for respectful exchange among a diverse membership. To assure we are achieving this goal we are invested in increasing the size, strength and diversity of our membership.

In our first ever ISTSS membership drive last year, through the concerted effort of our members, ISTSS successfully gained new members! Our new members hailed from Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, and the United States. They included Regular Members, Early Career Professional Members and Student Members. To build on last year’s successful campaign, we are excited to announce that we are holding our second annual ISTSS membership drive, kicking off on October 15th!  

We believe building our membership will promote greater collaboration and sharing between members, increase our organization’s potential for education and innovation, and offer new opportunities for all of us to inspire and to be inspired. New members are key to maintaining the vibrant community that makes ISTSS a primary professional home for so many of us. 

We hope you view  ISTSS as your professional home and that you wish to share this home with others.  We encourage all of you to share your knowledge and enthusiasm about ISTSS with prospective members. The annual meeting could be a great place to talk with non-members, or to think about those in your circles who would benefit from membership. And remember, our work doesn't just benefit our members, it benefits the global community!

On behalf of the Membership Committee, thank you for helping us reach out to new members, thereby shaping the future of ISTSS.

Click here for more information on the ISTSS Membership Drive and how you can inspire to be inspired.