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Sidran Institute is a national nonprofit organization that helps people understand, recover from and treat traumatic stress and related conditions. Sidran’s Trauma HelpDesk is a service that provides information, treatment resources, reading lists, educational materials and a caring ear at no charge to trauma survivors and family members.

Last year, ISTSS formed a partnership with Sidran, through which ISTSS clinician members can provide information about their clinical services to individuals seeking a therapist through Sidran’s Helpdesk. Many of the traumatized individuals who reach out to Sidran for support resources are seeking therapists in their community who can treat trauma knowledgeably.

If you are a therapist treating PTSD or other trauma-related health and mental health conditions, take advantage of this ISTSS member benefit. This is a fine way to build your practice or keep your treatment program slots filled. It’s easy to sign up. Go to Sidran’s Web site at www.sidran.org, click on the button for Therapist Data Submission, and fill in the form for your practice. If you work in a treatment center that has a trauma specialty, the Resource Database button will direct you to a form for that information.

When possible, clients are matched to therapists not only geographically, but also regarding gender preference, special interests, populations served, languages spoken, etc., so take the time to fill out the data submission form completely. If the nature, location, or focus of your practice should change, you can update your listing at any time by e-mailing resources@sidran.org.

If you have questions about therapist and resource listings, contact Sharon Gendler, database resource manager, at 410-825-8888 or resources@sidran.org. Survivors, family members, and clinicians whose clients/patients are relocating can contact the HelpDesk by visiting the Web site at www.sidran.org, calling the phone number above, or e-mailing help@sidran.org.