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During my tenure as chair of the student section, ISTSS has worked persistently to address the needs and practical implications of an increasingly international membership. These activities have included cultivating working relationships with affiliate societies, encouraging the participation of international members, and assisting in the organization of the successful world conferences. The success and dedication of the society as a whole provides an opportunity for all students to consider new and exciting prospects for professional development. Taking advantage of those opportunities proves difficult for many students, especially non-North American student members.

Advertise Employment Opportunities on Student Listserv

Postdoc and employment positions can be posted on the student listserv. Students who subscribe to the listserv have various levels of experience ranging from undergraduate to postdoc. This venue allows for openings to reach many students who share an interest and background in a particular subject area.

If you have a position to post, e-mail all relevant information including a brief description of the position, qualifications needed to fill it and contact information to Alethea Smith at alethea_smith@ hotmail.com.


Students face many practical hurdles to participation and involvement. For example, students often have little discretionary time and must carefully consider added roles and responsibilities. The issue of limited funds influences the number of conferences students can attend or the distance they can afford to travel. However, it is important to remember the benefits of even occasional conference participation. The ISTSS annual meeting and the World Conference provide opportunities to meet and interact with researchers and clinicians at the cutting edge of the field of traumatic stress. These are the individuals who will provide training, offer jobs and review student grants and papers.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to travel to conferences to be involved and contribute to ISTSS. Several venues exist for students to have input, discuss their interests and concerns, and establish communication and relationships with their current and future colleagues. Some well-established venues include the ISTSS student listserv and publication opportunities in StressPoints.

The student listserv includes all student members of ISTSS and is designed to facilitate communication among students and to provide an opportunity to voice general questions and concerns. The listserv generally has been used for student announcements including general business and upcoming conference information. Students also can find valuable job postings and postdoc or training opportunities through the listserv.

Students are encouraged to use this important tool to ask questions and discuss relevant issues in a community of peers. For example, students can use the listserv to discuss measures that have been especially helpful (or not helpful), to inquire about specific training opportunities, to discuss a new book or theory, or to inform other students about an opening in an interesting research project in which they are involved.

Discussions about these topics can provide collegial support for North American and non-North American students, especially those in areas with nascent trauma organizations or those who belong to an ISTSS affiliate that has not yet established a student community. If you are a student member and have not received e-mail from the student section, e-mail ISTSS headquarters at istss@istss.org to be added to the list or to correct your e-mail address.

StressPoints provides the potential opportunity for students to publish articles about traumatic stress-related topics--submit articles to the StressPoints student editor for consideration. Students are encouraged to submit articles related to their current studies, research or training experience. If guidance is needed before choosing a topic to write about, the student editor can help. Students interested in submitting an article can contact the student chair at the e-mail address below.

International student participation in ISTSS is encouraged. A committee is being formed to examine international opportunities for students and to establish communication among student leadership of ISTSS affiliate organizations. In addition, the committee will discuss ways to include non-North American students in organizational activities. Students who are interested in participating on the committee or establishing a student section in an affiliate organization--or have any comments or suggestions for the committee--contact student chair Alethea Smith at alethea_smith@ hotmail.com.