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More than 17,000 copies of the Dart Center's and ISTSS Media SIG's Tragedies & Journalists booklet have been distributed worldwide since it was published in April 2002.

In summer 2003, the Dart Center published a revised edition of the booklet featuring new material on journalists as first responders, updated information on posttraumatic stress disorder, and tips for journalists, photographers and newsroom management as they cover trauma and tragedy. The booklet also was published for the first time in a Spanish edition.

This year, more than 6,000 copies of the booklet have been distributed to news organizations, the Newspaper Guild, educators and victim-support organizations. Bulk orders have gone to The Washington Post, Detroit Free Press, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, the Providence Journal in Rhode Island, Physicians for Social Responsibility and the International Healing Institute. In September 2003, all delegates to the annual convention of the Society of Professional Journalists received copies.

Requests for the booklet have come from many countries. Hundreds of the Spanish-language version have been requested from Colombia, Argentina and Guatemala, and by news organizations covering the March 11 train bombings in Madrid.

The booklet is a project of the ISTSS Media Special Interest Group and the Dart Center. Hearst Newspapers and the Houston Chronicle underwrote printing costs. The booklet was written by Joe Hight, managing editor of The Oklahoman, and Frank Smyth, Washington, DC, representative of the Committee to Protect Journalists. Both Spanish and English versions of the booklet are found online at www.dartcenter.org. Copies may be ordered at no charge at info@dartcenter.org or 206-616-3223.