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Two years into my tenure as Editor of your newsletter, a contributor sent me an email referring to “TSP” and I had to think for a bit before I recognized that stood for “Traumatic StressPoints!" Like so many of our members, I’d come to refer to the newsletter simply as StressPoints — and, when I saw it listed as such on the beta version of our newly-designed ISTSS website I thought that name was clean, clear, pithy, and just right, as was the time to propose a change. Our Executive Board agreed and so, with this issue, I’m happy to introduce the new name and new look of our organization’s newsletter.

The new format of StressPoints not only has a sharp new look but also is designed to integrate more seamlessly with our website. Selected articles from future issues will be displayed on the ISTSS homepage, first as blog posts in order to keep our members apprised and hopefully intrigued by the new content that is to come in the next newsletter.

Another wonderful new feature of this publication platform is that all articles are now searchable by keywords, making their content easy to find and access. We hope this will be a useful tool for all those researching and providing services related to traumatic stress, which will allow you to easily access concise, well-written, and expert reviews on topics we have featured in StressPoints, including childhood traumatic grief, cultural expressions of trauma, comparisons of DSM-5 and ICD-11, effects of dissociation on parenting and so many others.

On behalf of myself and our Contributing Editors, we welcome your feedback and suggestions and, as always, we welcome contributions regarding professional matters related to traumatic stress written by, for and about our membership.

AOSWPatricia Kerig, PhD