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Trauma and Substance Use Disorders SIG

The Trauma and Substance Use Disorders (SUD) SIG offers an international multidisciplinary forum for discussion, networking, and collaboration about clinical and research practices relevant to traumatic stress and SUD. The overarching aims of the SIG include:

  1. Advocating for greater recognition, scholarly attention, and clinical knowledge regarding the highly prevalent and difficult-to-treat occurrence of SUD among trauma-exposed populations with and without PTSD.
  2. Fostering basic, clinical, translational, and implementation research efforts relevant to traumatic stress and SUD via discussion and collaboration among multidisciplinary members from various regions of the world.
  3. Advancing evidence-based clinical practices relevant to the assessment and treatment of (1) SUD among trauma-exposed populations; (2) concurrent PTSD and SUD; and (3) PTSD among substance using populations.
  4. Supporting dissemination and implementation efforts for relevant evidence-based treatments.
  5. Advancing prevention of SUD in the aftermath of trauma exposure, and prevention of PTSD among individuals with a history of SUD.


Anne Banducci, PhD
VA Boston Healthcare System

Colin Mahoney, PhD
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Student Co-Chairs

Shelby McGrew
Reagan Fitzke

Trauma and Substance Use Resources


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