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Marit-headshot-Sept-2022.png A few months into the new year, I am happy to share some good news, words of gratitude, and thoughts about recent events. Very soon, we will open the nominations for ISTSS awards, and we encourage you all to nominate qualified colleagues. ISTSS values the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of those who demonstrate excellence in our field. Each year we are proud to award colleagues for their scientific or clinical excellence and innovative contributions, rising stars in our field, early career scientists, and those who have provided outstanding service to our society. We also provide awards for supporting underrepresented scholars, those who work with underserved populations, and global and student travel awards to assist professionals from low- and middle-income countries or from under resourced communities and students to travel to the ISTSS Annual Meeting. Do take a look at our Awards webpage, which has been updated with the information on the 2023 awards.
ISTSS thrives because of our active members and volunteers. We are very proud to thank our outgoing chairs/leaders, including Brian Smith, Data Committee; Shannon McCaslin-Rodrigo, Diversity Committee; Ulrich Schnyder, Global Initiatives Committee; Janine Shelby and Bita Ghafoori, Membership Committee; Sandra Bloom, Ombudsperson; and Dana Garfin, Volunteer Coordinator. We are grateful for all of their work on behalf of the society.
We will also soon be saying goodbye to Christal Badour, Stress Points Editor; Carolyn Yaeger, Website Editor and Damion Grasso and Rachel Liebman, Assistant Website Editors; and Rosaura Orengo Aguayo, Social Networking Administrator. We thank these volunteers for expanding our communication and dissemination capacity and will soon be sharing a solicitation for successors to take on these critical roles.
We are also very happy to welcome several news chairs/co-chairs, including Karen Lawrence, Data Committee; Belinda Liddell, Diversity Committee (joining Briana Woods-Jaeger); Rachel Liebman, Editor Search Task Force; Eric Bui, Global Initiatives Committee; Jaimie Gradus and Sacha McBain, Membership Committee; Debra Kaysen, Ombudsperson; Andrea Phelps, Strategic Planning Task Force; and Nicole Nugent, Volunteer Coordinator. We thank these leaders for stepping forward in these new roles. If you are interested in volunteering for ISTSS, please visit our volunteer webpage for more information.
Finally, I would like to share a few words about the recent crises that have affected people in the world during the past months. In early February, one of the strongest earthquakes recorded in the region struck a large area in Türkiye and Syria, leading to an enormous death toll and many people losing their homes and livelihoods. The war in Ukraine had its sad anniversary in February, making us realize that it has already been a year since Russia further escalated the war. These events, and other current crisis in the world, lead to tremendous suffering and massive displacement. For our members and colleagues who are assisting people affected by war and disaster, we thank you for all that you do and encourage you to share relevant ISTSS resources with communities in need.
It goes without saying that as an organization ISTSS will remain dedicated to improving support to people and communities affected by large scale trauma and crisis by sharing our knowledge about traumatic stress internationally.