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Volunteer with ISTSS

Grow Your Professional Nework by Volunteering with ISTSS

Looking to become more involved with ISTSS? Do you want to meet other trauma professionals with shared interests? 

Why Volunteer? 

  • Volunteers play an integral role in the day-to-day activities of the society and contribute to the decision-making process that helps shape ISTSS.
  • Volunteers make connections with other volunteers and leaders in the profession, creating a powerful professional network.
  • Volunteerism adds leadership, service, and professional dedication to CVs.
  • Assist ISTSS in achieving the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan.

How to Volunteer

To apply for an open volunteer opportunity, complete the volunteer application by clicking the "apply now" button below. You must be a member of ISTSS to apply. Corresponding members are welcome to apply for open volunteer positions.

Apply Now

Open Volunteer Opportunities

Education Production Subcommittee Volunteers

The ISTSS Education Production Subcommittee is looking for volunteers who have a passion for creating high-quality and accessible educational content on traumatic stress. Volunteers who are a good fit for the committee have, on average, 2 hours per month to devote to committee work, which may include: 1) directly creating educational content, 2) working with ISTSS members to facilitate the production of educational content, 3) reviewing drafts of in-progress educational content, and 4) attending monthly meetings.

In alignment with the Education Content Task Force’s Recommendations, we anticipate the following topics as priorities for education production over the next 2-4 years:

  1. Dissemination of ISTSS’ treatment guidelines and the interventions that appear in the recommendations
  2. Educational content on the intersections of traumatic stress and climate change
  3. Educational content on the intersections of traumatic stress and communities currently facing discrimination and marginalization, beginning with a focus on Black and indigenous people of color

The Education Production Committee strives to represent the ideas of ISTSS membership broadly by elevating voices that may typically be underrepresented as “experts.” This includes collaborating with ISTSS members from diverse backgrounds across stage of career, discipline, and nationality. If you are interested in volunteering for the committee, please email Melissa Zielinski, Education Production Subcommittee Chair, at [email protected].
Code of Conduct Task Force Member

The Code of Conduct Task Torce is finalizing a Code of Conduct with actionable recommendations for ISTSS policies regarding expected conduct for the ISTSS based on feedback from the Board of Directors. This is a time-limited and time-sensitive task. The task force is specifically looking for one to two volunteers to build out the staff procedures for handling complaints and to help with finalizing revisions.

Ideally, a background in developing or training personnel in reporting processes best practices would be helpful. Someone with a background in responding to sexual assault/harassment cases in ways that are victim-centered would also be helpful. Good communication and writing skills are essential.

Educational Review Sub-Committee Chair

The ISTSS Education Review Committee is looking for ad hoc reviewers to assist with the review of educational products and content featured on the ISTSS website. Reviewers of all career levels are welcome. There is immediate need for reviewers in the following content areas:

  • Resources related to COVID-19
  • Childhood trauma assessment

History of ISTSS Task Force Member

The History of ISTSS Task Force is looking for:

  1. Person(s) with experience and interest in videography and/or documentary-making
  2. Person(s) with directorial experience in creating an effective video and who know(s) how to frame and tell a story based on a mélange of video clips
  3. Person(s) with formal training or amateur experience as an historian who could help develop this project as a formal history

Data Committee Member

The Data Committee is seeking at least one new member to join our group to assist with various efforts to support our mission of enhancing the degree to which ISTSS’s goals and initiatives are data-driven, as well as to facilitate members having a voice in the society.  While a general interest in applications of data and metrics is preferred, all backgrounds and career levels are welcome. For questions on the position contact: [email protected]

Translator Coordinator & Translators

ISTSS is an international organization. As such, it is critical that we provide our research and resource materials in multiple languages. This is a key component of ISTSS’s strategic translation plan, which outlines a clear vision for increasing ISTSS’ visibility as the premier global professional organization and promoting mutual communication on a global level. To this end, we are seeking to fill several critical roles.

1. Translation Coordinator for Abstracts of Journal of Traumatic Stress (JTS): 1 person
A translation coordinator for JTS abstracts receives original abstracts in English from the publisher. The translation coordinator will distribute the abstracts to the translation team. Translated abstracts will be collected by the translation coordinator and sent back to the publisher. The translation coordinator will check that these processes are running smoothly and discusses any delays with the translation team. This person does not need to speak languages other than English.

2. Translation Coordinator for  Materials Intended for Member Distribution: 1 person
A translation coordinator for the materials will assign translation volunteers for public materials, (e.g., flyer of the annual meeting, recruiting awards-recipients). This person does not need to speak languages other than English.

3. Translators
If you are fluent in languages other than English, please reach out to the volunteer coordinator, who can help plug you in as we work on filling the translation coordinators. For more information contact: Dana Rose Garfin ([email protected]) or Misari Oe ([email protected]).

Questions? Contact Dana Rose Garfin, Volunteer Coordinator, and Tonya Cabrera, ISTSS Membership Coordinator