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Gender-Based Violence and Intimate Partner Violence


This month, Friday Fast Facts will focus on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). GBV patterns reflect prevailing power inequalities, and as such, women, girls and gender minorities are the most frequent targets. However, this can affect anyone, regardless of age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, religion, cultural background, or social, economic, or civil status. Join Dr. Marina Weiss, Dr. Kayleigh Watters, and Dr. Jacqueline Womersley as they introduce this month's topic and gives us a glimpse into what is ahead for this Friday Fast Facts Series. 

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Fact Sheet - Gender-Based Violence & Intimate Partner Violence

fact sheet
Gender-Based Violence (GBV) refers to harmful acts that are rooted in a system of unequal gender power. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a subset of GBV that includes abuses of a former, current, or prospective intimate partner. GBV and IPV are often cyclical on the individual, familial, and systemic levels. In this fact sheet, learn some background facts about GBV and IPV, the cycle of violence, its prevalence, considerations for vulnerable populations, compounding factors, stigma and myths, and evidence-based approaches to treatment. This fact sheet was developed by Jacqueline Womersley, Marina Weiss and Kayleigh Watters for ISTSS. 


Infographic: Barriers to Care for GBV Survivors

A visual representation of the barriers to care for GBV survivors. This infographic was developed for ISTSS by Marina Weiss, PhD, Kayleigh Watters, PhD, and Jacqueline S. Womersley, PhD. 

Download as a PDF 

Podcast Episode

In this episode of ISTSS's podcast, Trauma Talks, hosts Dr. Melissa Zielinski and Dr. Sacha McBain interview Dr. Marina Weiss, Dr. Kayleigh Watters, and Dr. Jacqueline Womersly to close out this month's installment of Friday Fast Facts. 


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