Committees and Task Forces

ISTSS has several committees that carry out a number of different functions for the association. Among them are the following committees. To learn more about them, click on the name of the committee below.

Annual Meeting Organizing Committee

Audit Committee

Lisa Angert-Morris - Chair

Awards Committee

Andrea J. Phelps - Chair

Code of Conduct Task Force

Debra Kaysen - Chair

Data Committee

Brian N. Smith - Chair

Data Subcommittee - Membership Committee

Bita Ghafoori - Subcommittee Chair

Diversity Committee

Shannon E. McCaslin-Rodrigo - Chair

Educational Review Sub-committee Chair

Jennifer S. Wachen - Chair

Executive Committee

Finance Committee

Global Collaboration

Global Initiatives Committee

Ulrich Schnyder - Chair

Guidelines Committee

Jonathan I. Bisson - Chair

History of ISTSS

Intellectual Property Rights Task Force

Journal of Traumatic Stress Editor

Patricia K. Kerig - Editor

Member Recruitment/ Social Media Subcommittee

Chelsea M. Cogan - Subcommittee Chair

Membership Committee

Bita Ghafoori - Co-Chair
Janine Shelby - Co-Chair

New Attendee Orientation Subcommittee - Membership Committee

New in Peer Review Editor

Damion J. Grasso - Editor

Nominations and Elections Committee

Debra Kaysen - Chair


Sandra L. Bloom - Chair

Production Sub-Committee

Melissa J. Zielinski - Chair

Public Health and Policy Committee

Diane Elmore Borbon - Chair

Public Information and Education Oversight Committee

Brian P. Marx - Chair

Retention Subcomittee - Membership Committee

Revenue Committee

Scientific Program Committee

Social Network Administrator

Rosaura E. Orengo-Aguayo - Editor

Special Interest Groups

Maureen A. Allwood - Chair

Strategic Membership Taskforce

Cherie Armour - Chair

StressPoints Editor

Christal L. Badour - Editor

Student Research Grant Committee

Erika J. Wolf - Chair

Student Section

Lia Smith - Chair

Travel Awards Committee

Christian Kristensen - Chair

Volunteer Coordinator

Web Editorial Committee

Carolyn Yeager - Editor