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Grief and Bereavement in Children and Adolescents

With the signifcant impact of pandemic and the 270,000 children orphaned as the result of COVID-19 related deaths, along with growing rates of violent deaths and deaths of despair, it is  critically important for the adults in children's lives to understand how grief can manifest in youth, and how to best support them. Children can and do grieve in adaptive and healthy ways, but a significant number will need a higher level of support. Join Dr. Julie Kaplow as she introduces December's Friday Fast Fact series, and watch for new materials every Friday in December 2022.

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​Infographic: Understanding Multidimensional Grief Theory - A Model for Conceptualizing Children's Grief Reactions

A visual representation of Multidimensional Grief Theory, including the Multidimensional Grief Model and exploration of each dimension. This infographic was developed by Marley F. Fradley with contributions from Dr. Julie Kaplow, Dr. Robert Pynoos, and Dr. Christopher Layne on behalf of ISTSS.

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Fact Sheet: Bereavement, Prolonged Grief Disorder, and Bereavement-Informed Care for Children and Adolescents

fact sheetBereavement due to sudden loss is one of the most common- and most difficult - life events experienced across the life course. In this fact sheet, we will discuss the wide range of reactions that bereaved youth can exhibit, prolonged grief disorder, developmental and contextual factors, vulnerability factors, bereavement-informed care, and guidelines for supporting bereaved youth. This fact sheet was developed for ISTSS by Christopher M Layne, PhD, Ayesha Ahmad, Stevie Schapiro, and Blake A. Yoder. 


Podcast Episode: Childhood and Adolescent Grief and Bereavement

In this episode, Podcast hosts Dr. Melissa Zielinski and Marley Fradley welcome Dr. Julie Kaplow, Dr. Christopher Layne, and Dr. Robert Pynoos to discuss what grief and bereavement are, how they differ, and how children and adolescents are uniquely affected. With the rise in deaths of despair, violent deaths, and pandemic-related deaths, hundreds of thousands of children have lost a parent or a caregiver. Listen to the discussion to learn about how the field of youth greif and bereavement has evolved over time, and how to best support youth as they grieve. Please click here for an additional briefing sheet to accompany this podcast. 

Multidimensional Grief Therapy Briefing Document

In this document, Dr. Julie Kaplow, Dr. Christopher Layne, and Dr. Robert Pynoos introduce Multidimensional Grief Therapy: A Flexible Approach to Assessing and Supporting Bereaved Youth. Download this document for a brief background on Multidimensional Grief Therapy (MGT), how it was designed, and how it is carried out. 

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