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JTS Editorial Fellowship for Underrepresented Scholars

The application deadline has passed.

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Achieving the goals of real and lasting change that will effectively readdress institutional racism and its adverse effects on science and practice calls for more than issuing statements of support. It calls for action. Accordingly, the Journal of Traumatic Stress is pleased to announce its inaugural Editorial Fellowship for Underrepresented Scholars.

Across academia generally, as well as in the field of traumatic stress studies specifically, scholars from racial and ethnic minorities and other historically marginalized groups are disproportionately underrepresented on editorial boards and in editorial leadership. These disparities are particularly concerning to JTS which, as an international journal, strives for diverse representation on our editorial team and in the content we publish. In order to foster diversity, both in the present and in years to come, we have initiated this new Editorial Fellowship for Underrepresented Scholars to offer a pathway for underrepresented early career scholars to gain the mentorship, experience and professional skills that will support their effective participation in the editorial process through acting as fellows under the mentorship of members of our editorial leadership team. It is notable that the tasks involved in journal editing—including screening submissions for quality and appropriateness, identifying and soliciting the best-fitting reviewers, evaluating and integrating reviewer comments, and communicating decisions to authors professionally and collegially—are essential professional skills that are not incorporated into the typical graduate education. This fellowship will help to address that gap by providing mentored experiences in all aspects of the journal publication process. In addition, by enhancing fellows’ reviewing skills and understanding of journal editorship, this initiative also has the potential to help diverse scholars to produce their own manuscripts that will be successful in navigating the professional journal review process.

Selected candidates will spend one year working closely with a mentor who is a member of the JTS editorial leadership team (i.e., the Editor in Chief or one of the Associate Editors), learning to shepherd submissions through the entire peer review process including screening submissions, identifying reviewers, making and communicating editorial decisions and editing manuscripts to export for publication. Monthly consultation calls with the mentor will be held in order to ensure that goals are achieved and the Fellow’s professional development needs are being met. A professional honorarium of $1,000 will be provided. Upon successful completion of the year-long fellowship, Fellows will become members of the JTS Editorial Advisory Board, following which, if an Associate Editor position becomes available, they may become candidates for consideration to take on an AE role.

Requirements for Successful Candidates

  • Membership in ISTSS (at the time the fellowship begins, if not currently)
  • Identification with a historically underrepresented group (e.g., related to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation/gender, disability status)
  • No more than seven years postdoctoral degree
  • Researcher or scientist-practitioner with a focus on traumatic stress
  • Excellent written and oral English-language skills
  • Some demonstrable experience in scholarly publishing, such as having contributed to publications in peer-reviewed journals or having provided peer reviews to scholarly journals
  • Demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity and inclusivity