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Confronting Firearm Injury and its Ripple Effects: Insights and Opportunities from the Field of Public Health

Firearm death rates in the United States are at near-record levels. Firearm injury has surpassed car crashes to become the leading cause of death of U.S. children aged 1-19. And we are only just beginning to quantify the ripple effect of trauma and stress for survivors, their families, and their communities. This keynote will summarize recent epidemiologic trends in firearm injury the U.S., discuss promising strategies for reducing firearm injury and its aftereffects, and draw attention to promising areas of work to reduce the cycle of injury and fear that is plaguing our nation.


Megan L. Ranney, MD, MPH, FACEP
Dean, School of Public Health; C.-E.A Winslow Professor of Public Health
Yale University

Dr. Megan L. Ranney is an emergency physician, researcher and national advocate for innovative approaches to public health. She joined Yale in July 2023 as the Dean of the Yale School of Public Health and C.-E. A. Winslow Professor of Public Health. Her research focuses on developing, testing and disseminating digital health interventions to prevent violence and related behavioral health problems, as well as on COVID-related risk reduction. She has held multiple national leadership roles; received numerous awards for technology innovation, public health and research; and is a leading public voice on urgent topics in health and medicine.