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Past Frank Ochberg Award Winners

This award, established at the 2003 annual meeting, recognized significant contributions by clinicians and researchers on the relationship of media and trauma.

2018 Matthew Pearson
2016 Klas Backholm, DSc
2015 VA Gun Safety Video Workgroup
2014  E. Alison Holman, PhD, FNP and Roxane Cohen Silver, PhD
2013 Journalists' Critical Incident Stress (CIS) Research Group
2012 Lauren Wolfe
2011 Stephen J. Cozza, MD
2010 Liselotte Englund, PhD
2009 Elana Newman, PhD
2008 Roger A. Simpson, PhD
2007 Samoon Ahmad, MD
2006 Laurie Anne Pearlman, PhD and Ervin Staub, PhD
2005 Anthony Feinstein, MD, PhD
2004 Betty Pfefferbaum, PhD