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StressPoints Newsletter

StressPoints is the award-winning online eNewsletter of ISTSS. StressPoints shares news and opinions about traumatic stress, highlights ISTSS and affiliate societies' activities and offers informational resources and feature articles of interest to the field.

Interested in submitting an article for consideration?

To submit a story or information for inclusion in a future issue of StressPoints, contact Editor Christal L. Badour, PhD

StressPoints Editorial Team

Editor: Christal L. Badour, PhD
Managing Editor: Rachel Nathanson

Contributing Editors

StressPoints currently has three open positions for contributing editors:

Global Perspectives (two positions)
Teaching with JTS (one position)

Biological Perspectives
Lynnette Averill, PhD
Jack C. Lennon

Clinician's Corner
Joan Cook, PhD

Developmental Traumatology
Samar Fouda, MD
Archana Basu, PhD

Global Perspectives

Human Rights and Policy
Alyssa Jones, MA
Jessica Lambert, PhD

LGBT Issues
James A. Scholl, MA
Leah Taylor, PsyD

Media Matters
Noelle Smith, PhD

Military Matters
Laura Sampson, BA
Lorig Kachadourian, PhD

Research Methods
Ruby Charak, PhD
Talya Greene, PhD
Dana Rose Garfin, PhD

SIG Spotlight
Maureen Allwood, PhD

Student Perspectives
Chelsea Cogan, MA
Josianne Lamothe, MSW
Emmeline Taylor
Sophie Brickman, BA

Trauma and Diversity 
Ryan Holliday, PhD
Briana Woods-Jaeger, PhD

Trauma and World Literature
Harold Kudler, MD
Howard Lipke, PhD

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Some StressPoints articles are publicly available on the Trauma Blog.
ISTSS members can view full issues in the StressPoints archive.