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Supporting Healthcare Responders During the Pandemic: Humanitarian Work Perspectives
Posted on 01/06/2021 by Elena Cherepanov
During public health complex emergencies (CE), healthcare workers play a crucial role in mitigating its impact. While this work can be rewarding, it also poses psychological challenges. 
Justice in War Doctrine Predicts which Combat Events will Negatively Affect Service Members
Posted on 01/01/2021 by Stephen Krauss, Jeffery Zust, & Amy Adler
It is well documented that experiencing combat is associated with decreased ability to carry out basic life tasks and increased mental health symptoms.  However, it is not clear what types of combat events are responsible for these negative effects.  Is it the killing?  Is it the life threat? Such results can inform training and treatment for the potentially life changing aftereffects of combat.
Mitigating the impact of trauma by leveraging psychological and environmental factors
Posted on 12/22/2020 by Keegan, Thomson, Kashyap, Liddell, & Nickerson
The psychological impact of persecution, war and displacement is substantial, with research indicating that rates of psychological disorders amongst refugees are significantly higher than those seen in the populations of host countries. Despite this, some refugees have been observed to cope considerably better than others despite the same exposure to environmental and psychological trauma. We were interested in understanding why this might be the case.