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Bringing together clinicians and researchers from around the world to advocate for the field of traumatic stress.

Healing Trauma Together

The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies is dedicated to sharing information about the effects of trauma and the discovery and dissemination of knowledge about policy, program and service initiatives that seek to reduce traumatic stressors and their immediate and long-term consequences. ISTSS is an international interdisciplinary professional organization that promotes advancement and exchange of knowledge about traumatic stress.

Trauma Blog

Associations between different forms of intimate partner violence and posttraumatic stress among women who use drugs and alcohol in Kyrgyzstan
Posted on 03/28/2024 by Tina Jiwatram-Negrón, Ph.D.
Comprehensive assessments and integrated trauma informed interventions that address multiple risks are crucial for women who use or misuse substances and may be experiencing IPV and PTSS. This blog post summarizes recent research with Central Asian women who use drugs and alcohol to better understand IPV and PTSS in marginalized populations that are particularly vulnerable to IPV. 
A Comprehensive Look at PTSD, Care Seeking, and VA Use Among Veterans
Posted on 03/22/2024 by Yunnuo Zhu
Military service is strongly associated with an increased risk of developing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but who among those with probable PTSD are seeking care? This study provides a comprehensive snapshot of Veterans Health Administratoin (VHA) use and care seeking among veterans with probable PTSD from 2013 to 2016. 
Using registries and electronic health record data to study posttraumatic psychopathology
Posted on 03/22/2024 by Laura Sampson, Ananda B. Amstadter, Kelsey N. Serier, & Jaimie L. Gradus
In this blog, we discuss use of registry and electronic health record (EHR) data—considered forms of “big data”—for studying PTSD and other psychiatric conditions in populations after trauma. We discuss strengths and weaknesses of applying these data for research, and give three applied examples from our work, which were presented as part of our symposium at the 2023 ISTSS Annual Meeting.