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UCLA Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Assessment Tools

UCLA Brief COVID-19 Screen for Child/Adolescent PTSD

This newly developed tool is available at no cost to facilitate PTSD risk screening and triage to address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on children, adolescents and their families. This tool is designed for use by professionals across a range of child-serving systems including behavioral health, primary care, pediatrics, schools, child welfare, juvenile justice and residential care. It includes an initial set of questions about types of exposure to the pandemic (e.g., Have you or someone close to you become very sick or been in the hospital because of this illness? Has anyone close to you died because of this illness? Does someone close to you work around people who might have this illness?). There is also a set of questions designed specifically for children/adolescents in military families. The exposure questions are followed by an 11-item set of validated questions about the frequency of PTSD symptoms in the past month. The score sheet provides an algorithm for determining the need for ongoing monitoring or a full PTSD assessment and, if indicated, evidence-based trauma-focused treatment. The UCLA Brief COVID-19 Screen is available in English and Spanish.

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UCLA Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Reaction Index

For DSM-5

Scoring and psychometric information for the DSM-5 version of the UCLA PTSD Reaction Index coming soon...