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Guidelines Committee

The ISTSS Guidelines Committee includes experts from various areas, including members with considerable systematic review and guideline development expertise. The table below lists the Committee members along with their specific areas of responsibility/expertise. The Committee has worked as a team and collectively reviewed the evidence and made decisions.

Name Proposed area(s) of responsibility
Lucy Berliner Children and adolescents, and social approaches
Jonathan Bisson Chair and pharmacological treatments
Marylene Cloitre Complex PTSD
David Forbes Vice-chair, chair book subcommittee and early intervention
Lutz Goldbeck * Children and adolescents
Tine Jensen * Children and adolescents
Catrin Lewis Methodological expertise and web-based interventions
Candice Monson Psychological treatments
Miranda Olff ISTSS Board liaison and psychological treatments
Steve Pilling Methodological and guideline development expertise
David Riggs Psychological treatments
Neil Roberts Methodological expertise and co-morbidity
Francine Shapiro+ Psychological treatments
* Lutz tragically died on 30 October, 2017, and Tine subsequently joined the Committee.
+Francine tragically died on 16 June, 2019.

It is recognised that many of the committee members have some conflicts of interest. To recognize these and minimize their impact, all committee members have declared their conflicts of interest.