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Information on Presenter Roles and Other Requirements

  • Submitter: The person who submits an abstract; may or may not have any other role in relation to the submission.

  • Primary Contact: All proposals must have a designated person who is the sole point of contact. This person must be identified as the primary contact in the submission. For PMIs, workshops, symposia, panels, case and media presentations, this person will normally also chair the proposed session. The designated contact person must be responsible for:

    • informing presenters of the program committee's decision,

    • distributing relevant meeting information provided by ISTSS,

    • submitting the presentation proposal by gathering all materials from their colleagues,

    • sending the Diversity Disclosure Statement link to all presenters,​

    • collecting any special requests regarding scheduling for any presenter (to include during the proposal submission),

    • providing presentations to discussants before the meeting.

  • Administrative Contact: An optional non-participant who may be designated to receive email communication about the submission in addition to the primary contact.

  • Chairperson: Symposia must identify a chairperson as part of the submission process. The chair is responsible for the tasks below, although they can delegate some or all of these tasks to others if they so choose:

    • planning the session agenda,

    • coordinating the session to ensure that it runs smoothly,

    • serving as timekeeper/moderator,

    • ensuring that 10-15 minutes of the session is reserved for Q&A.

  • Presenter: Anyone who will be presenting  content must be designated as a presenter. If discussant only, only indicate discussant.

  • Discussant: Discussants are optional on all oral presentations except Flash Talks. Discussants can play a vital role by offering comments and perspectives about presentations individually and as a set. Discussants should read presentations in advance of the meeting and prepare 5 - 10 minutes of comments to be presented at the conclusion of the presentations, followed by open discussion with the audience.

  • Author: Any person involved in developing the content of a presentation. Authors are either primary author or co-author.  May or may not also be a presenter

  • Primary Author: The lead person involved in developing the content of a presentation. Each presentation should have one and only one primary author. May or may not be the primary contact. May or may not also be a presenter.

  • Co-Author: Any author other than the primary author.  May or may not also be a presenter.

Author Requirements per Abstract Type


or Case
Panel (Min/Max) Flash Talk, Paper,      
or Poster
Primary Author 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1 1/1
Co Author 0/5 0/5 0/20 0/5 0/5 0/5
Presenters 1/6 1/3 3/4 3/5 1/1 1/3
Discussant 0/1 0/1 0/1 0/1 0/0 0/1